Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why bother?
Behind The Curve Comedy offers a unique live entertainment experience.

2. Not really sure what you’re selling. Elaborate please.
We blend Music, Comedy & Audience Participation. Our host, house band and featured performers can customize the entertainment for your private party or corporate event. For almost four years we have never charged a cover for our live shows while offering very serious giveaways. At some point we might charge for admission. If so, please inquire about our “conditional satisfaction guarantee” which is currently sold at our free shows for a nominal fee.

3. What exactly do you mean by customized entertainment?
We can format our original blend of entertainment to any party or event. Our interactive music and comedy (note: ‘music’ is written before ‘comedy’ in order not to give the wrong impression and create that expectation of delivery of actual laughter) can be shaped to your specific requests. Need live music during a cocktail hour? Want your guests involved and having a blast? Please book us.

4. I don’t like to participate in anything. Am I going to be put on the spot to do something totally embarrassing?
That possibility does exist at our live shows. If you do find yourself at one, but don’t want to be part of the show, then make sure not to establish eye contact with the host. Keep in mind we do present people the special opportunity to…

• Be a momentary rock star and sing live with a real band. You name the song and we’ll play it.
• Get free therapy from an unlicensed therapist in front of a room full of strangers (with our “drink of the night” in hand). Don’t knock it until you try it.
• Prove you can tell a $5 bottle of wine from a $50 bottle. If you like to drink alcohol this is a win-win situation. All you need to do is drink a bunch of wine, answer questions and/or trivia to win stuff.

5. I’m hearing about giveaways and prizes. Are we talking about useless, ill-fitting t-shirts?
Well, yes, we have given away those shirts that make their way to the bottoms of piles in your dresser. Our live shows have also handed out hundreds of dollars of gift certificates to Mistuba Japanese, Chatham; free drinks and food; camping gear; cash ($50 for winning “Screw Karaoke: Front My Band!”); tons of amazing stuff and generosity from Paradise Pet, Bloomfield and countless other stuff you would be amazed to see given away for simply having a great time. Private parties and corporate events have given participants cash, paycheck bonuses and iPads (my spiritual advisor advised me to mention Apple at least once on this page if I wanted to be current, hip and in-the-know).